Hot Melt Adhesive
Hot melt adhesives are non toxic grade glues that have standard viscosity level.  Offered adhesives composed of tackifying resins, plasticizers, antioxidants and waxes to attain specific characteristics. Offered adhesives provide long lasting bonding result.
Hot Melt Adhesive Coating
Hot melt adhesive coatings are well known for their long lasting bonding attributes, homogeneous spreading technique on applied surface and environment friendly content. These coatings are totally free from water and solvents.
Hot Melt Adhesives for Shoes Making

Hot melt adhesives for shoes making have a white colour and low smell that creates a cosy working environment. These have exceptional bonding power and excellent penetration through a variety of shoe materials. Hot melt adhesives for shoes making are simple to melt.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Automotive

Hot melt adhesives for automotive have a white colour and no fragrance. These are best suitable for the automotive industry formulated without formaldehyde or plasticizers, low VOC that complies with vehicle inspection norms. Can be accessed in different sizes of packaging.

 Hot Melt Adhesive for Tapes & Labels

Hot melt adhesives for tapes & labels are also known as thermoplastic adhesive. Our offerings have elevated initial strength which creates tamper-evident packaging quickly. These have a substantially greater stickiness. Hot melt adhesives for tapes & labels have excellent shear value tensile strength, and rapid tack.

Hot Melt Glue Guns

Hot melt glue guns use glue sticks that are melted inside the gun by a continuous-duty heating element, which the user then forces through the pistol with either a mechanical trigger mechanism or by using direct finger pressure.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Consumer and Craft

Hot melt adhesives for consumer and craft are highly transparent and improve attractiveness of products' look. These are odourless and provide better operational environments. Our products are suitable for various application conditions. Hot melt adhesives for consumer and craft are ideal for bonding cardboard, paper etc.

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